Bolon Eyewear was established with a purposeful intent: to embrace and celebrate the essence of self-expression. At the forefront of fashion, design and craftsmanship, the tastemakers of the brand are focused on the importance of defining identity through recognizing one’s spirit, attitude and true character. Recognized by their influence in fashion and growing prominence in their own respective fields, Bolon Eyewear draws inspiration from the trends of today. The brand is dedicated to producing the widest and finest array of products to cater for all identities. Providing a fashionable look from classic, elegant, chic to modern-retro in order to meet everyone’s style.

Give the best for all. Be the brand for all.

This is the story of Bolon Eyewear.



Never compromising quality and comfort over style, Bolon Eyewear believes that buying eyewear is more than just an accessory. Uniquely designed in Italy, Bolon endeavours on a tireless journey to understand the vast variety of facial features to accommodate for every individual. By bringing out your best attributes, all such efforts are customised to create the perfect fit. Whether that is a personal vibe, style or your face-shape.

Bolon Eyewear consistently stays a cut above the rest by emphasising the importance of quality and style suitability, always in the pursuit of overall excellence. Using a wide range of first grade materials, the veteran crafters of Bolon Eyewear create pieces that assure lightweight and resistance. A combination of skilled artistry and innovatively advanced technology ensures that each frame undergoes a rigorous process to create only the unique and exclusive.