Blast® comes from the passion for outdoor activities in the Alps and love for the mountains. Freedom, challenge, discovery, fun and performance are the values that better describe the brand and inspire the collections. Sunglasses and goggles are, first of all, a protection for the eyes from dangerous solar radiation: they have been developed to offer maximum protection from harmful UV rays as well as maximum comfort for the different sport activities. The Blast® collection provides an articulated product range for the needs of people practising outdoor activities: essential look and minimal design are coupled with product features to make any experience in the mountains memorable and help to achieve results in any light conditions.



Goggles frames are made in polyurethane (PU) to provide a fit for comfort experience during the sport activity. Depending on the models, they are equipped with side clips and double adjuster strap. Lenses, that can be multi layers, polarised or photochromic are impact resistant and provide the maximum protection from the harmful UV rays.


Goggles range includes also a colorful capsule collection for kids: fitting and features are combined in order to enjoy the fun and the pleasure of skiing.

Sunglasses frames are designed, having in mind the face of the athlete, with the purpose to offer the maximum protection in all the light conditions.  Products, depending on the model, are equipped with adjustable robber nose pad and robber temples.

Depending on the models, lenses, that can be multi layers, polarised or photochromic, are impact resistant .